Twelfth Night

"Weber's Olivia moves from sweet sadness to giddy delight when she falls for Cesario, and then rapturous bliss when she happens on Sebastian." -Dana Oland, Idaho Statesmean


As You Like It

"(Rosalind's) friend and protector Celia, played by the radiant Christine Weber, joins her on the journey."

"...and Weber's Celia is luminous." -Dana Oland, Idaho Statesman


The Winter's Tale

"As mother-daughter pair Hermione and Perdita, O'Neill and Weber are regal and empathetic: there aren't many actresses who could stand in a forest in a handmade dress and a wreath of flowers and look unmistakably like royalty, but Weber is certainly one." -Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

“But a powerful female trio, given terrific embodiment at the Guthrie by Helen Carey, Michelle O'Neill and Christine Weber, serves as the heart and soul of this Shakespearean classic.” -Rohan Preston, Star Tribune


A Christmas Carol

“The end of the engagement between young Scrooge...and Belle (Christine Weber) is handled with gravity and poignance...” -Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday is still an easily recommendable show, though, because those two cads are lucky enough to be played by Sid Solomon and Christine Weber; even better, they get to hang out with Shad Cooper and Leigha Horton as Solomon's brother and sister-in-law. The perfectly-cast quartet have crackerjack comic timing, and they romp through the play's lighter scenes like bears jumping in puddles of honey.” -Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


Amazons and Their Men

"The four person cast turns in a quartet of strong performances...Equally terrific on stage is Christine Weber as "the Extra" - the play's primary narrator...The Extra's sympathy for the plight of her fellow actors, as well as that of the Frau, helps the audience to connect with all of them in ways which might not otherwise have been possible. The character carries a lot of the freight for this story, and Weber handles the balancing act most skillfully." -Matthew A. Everett,